Pilatus PC-12/47 and PC-12 NG

The PC-12 is a modern design turboprop aircraft that can carry nine people in fast, pressurized comfort above the weather.

It has the versatility to load heavy freight loaded through its large cargo door, operate from a short airstrip, and then to cruise at 300 mph to destinations as far as 1600 miles away.


In addition to the speed, pressurized large cabin comfort, long range, and the excellent safety record enjoyed by all Pilatus PC-12's, our newer version PC-12's, the "47" and "NG"models, feature an increased weight capacity of five hundred thirty pounds more than standard PC-12's, and improved roll handling for increased safety in gusting crosswinds.

The higher weight capacity allows us to deliver heavier loads while minimizing costly and time consuming refueling stops. For example, our PC-12's can carry nine people and gear weighing a total of 2650 pounds to Deadhorse or Cold Bay. Or, we can carry a total of 1400 pounds non-stop to Seattle.

Alaska Air Transit's PC-12's are equipped with advanced safety features, including WAAS GPS navigation systems, terrain and traffic alerting systems, ADS-B, and satellite flight tracking.

IMG_1967 (2)

Carry 9 passengers in fast, quiet, pressurized comfort

Large aft cargo door and separate forward passenger entry make it convenient to carry a mix of passengers and freight

Quiet, smooth power from advanced technology MT five bladed composite prop

Departing a north slope oil field runway, high noon in early January