Nikolai and the Upper Kuskokwim Area

Winter 2017/ Spring 2018 Nikolai flights
with flag stops in McGrath, Takotna, and Tatalina

Schedule: Monday, Wednesday, Friday, and Sunday afternoons

Depart Merrill Field at 1:30 PM

Arrive & Depart Upper Kuskokwim area destinations between 2:45 PM and 3:45 PM, depending on flag stops

Arrive Merrill Field between 4:30 PM and approximately 5:30 PM, depending on flag stops

One-way fares

Nikolai standard fare = $385 resident fare = $235

McGrath/ Takotna standard fare = $395 resident fare = $245
  • Baggage allowance is 50 pounds per person

Our seat fare practices:

  • Payment in full is required to hold a reservation
  • A $50 fee will be charged if a reservation is cancelled with less than one calendar day remaining before the flight

Additional Space Available Freight Services

  • Passenger's space available freight weighing up to 50 pounds per item: $1.02 per pound , $10 minimum per shipment

  • Unaccompanied space available freight weighing up to 50 pounds per item: $2.00 per pound , $10 minimum per shipment. Lower priority than accompanied freight.

  • Priority box with return receipt: $25 per priority box weighing up to 10 lb. AAT provides Priority boxes measuring 12 in. x 9 in. x 4 in. PRI-boxes are boarded on the next flight having room.

  • We can carry heavy or outsized freight (items that weigh more than 50 pounds, or that are larger than a standard tote), however, it has lower priority than all other freight. It is priced at the greater of a weight or volume based rate. Please contact us with an item’s weight and dimensions for a price quote.

  • Unescorted live animal: $2 per pound

  • Hazardous materials (HAZMAT) fee: $25 per declaration

  • Stamped envelopes for U.S. mail drop off is $1 per envelope, or $5 per bundle

  • Envelopes for personal pickup are $10 per envelope

all prices shown include Federal Excise Tax (FET)

Grand CaravanEX or Pilatus PC-12 Charters - Call for pricing