Cessna Grand Caravan EX

AAT’s two Grand Caravan EX’s are new generation versions of Cessna’s proven utility turboprop aircraft, delivered to us new at the factory in 2013 and 2014. They can carry up to nine passengers, or up to 2500 pounds of freight, and are moderately faster than previous Caravan models, cruising at 200 mph.

The Grand Caravan EX has a large cargo door to facilitate loading bulky freight items, and a cargo pod for additional freight capacity. It has the flexibility to operate from shorter, rougher airstrips.

For your safety, the Grand Caravan EX is equipped with an advanced ice protection system, the latest advanced avionics, including “glass” cockpit displays, WAAS GPS navigation systems, terrain alerting systems, ADS-B, satellite flight tracking, and a redesigned turboprop engine that has 28% more power than legacy Caravans.

The Grand Caravan EX has advanced TKS de-icing, and nearly 30 percent more power than previous Caravan models

Advanced avionics, including a synthetic vision display, for enhanced safety through improved situational awareness

The large cargo pod can haul lots of groceries and other essentials, however, it makes a tempting hide for a stowaway